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UPS Pilots Urge Company: "Don't Outsource Our Van Drivers"

The IPA issued the following press release today in support of the UPS van drivers.

Release Date: 4/5/2023 11:01:58 AM

LOUISVILLE, KY April 4, 2023 – UPS pilots have called on their Company to divert from an outsourcing plan that could force current UPS aircrew van drivers out of their jobs. Instead, the pilot union, the Independent Pilots Association (IPA), has called on UPS to ensure, at a minimum, that the drivers maintain the option of keeping their jobs.

"Today, UPS announced an outsourcing plan that takes away UPS employment from many older, long-term employees who have faithfully served UPS, and the pilot group for many years," said IPA President, Captain Robert Travis.

Travis said that the Company first confidentially briefed the Union on details last week and publicly announced its plan today.

"The IPA unequivocally opposes it, but even if UPS insists on outsourcing these jobs, we believe UPS should do the right thing and ensure that their long-serving employees are preferentially hired at the new vendor.  These are the people who have faithfully driven us to and from UPS parking facilities, to the UPS hub in Louisville, and beyond the security perimeter, dropping us off right by the parked aircraft we then fly.  They are vetted, trusted individuals who do a good job for UPS and for the pilots," Travis said.

Representing more than 3,400 pilots flying worldwide for UPS, Travis added that the pilots and the approximately 48 current UPS crew van drivers have cultivated a good working relationship.

"Over the years, through countless exchanges of stories, photo sharing, we’ve gotten to know them and their families, and they've gotten to know us.  It is not uncommon for pilots, after a long night of flying, to be greeted by the van drivers with personal kindnesses that included homemade baked goods and treats of every sort.  They made the job a little easier for UPS' pilots and it’s troubling that UPS is not, in turn, taking care of them."

 While UPS maintains that the UPS drivers will be allowed to interview with the vendor to keep their current jobs, UPS has confirmed that nothing in the UPS-vendor contract requires the retention of the current drivers.

"IPA has requested that UPS require the new vendor to offer these jobs first to current UPS drivers as part of the UPS/new transportation vendor contract.  Ours is a reasonable request and one we are making to UPS management as employees who care about our co-workers. Hopefully, UPS will give it some additional thought, and decide to do the right thing," Travis added.


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