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Senate Commerce Hearing on Airline Safety Regarding 737 MAX: NTSB Chairman Sumwalt Does Not Agree with Fatigue Rule Cargo Carve-Out

The following link is from Senate Commerce Hearing on Airline Safety regarding the 737 MAX. During this hearing, Senator Amy Klobuchar asks NTSB Chairman Sumwalt about the cargo carve-out. Calling for one level of safety, Chairman Sumwalt replies, "The NTSB does not agree there should be a different standard for passenger carrying airlines and cargo airlines with respect to the fatigue rules… We disagree with that disconnect."

IPA Applauds Successful Challenge to Single Pilot Cockpit

A unified effort by the nation’s major pilot unions, including IPA, has resulted in the removal of a provision of the FAA Reauthorization Bill that poses a threat to aviation safety. The provision, which would have authorized a new FAA research and development program in support of single-pilot all-cargo operations, was removed from the final FAA Reauthorization Act passed by the House.

"I am pleased that the collective voices of the IPA, CAPA and our fellow pilot unions were heard on this critical safety issue," said IPA President Bob Travis. "However, this issue is far from over. Be assured, the IPA team will remain on the frontlines of this battle."

After the introduction of FAA Reauthorization Section 744, the IPA, CAPA and the nation’s major pilot groups joined together to voice their opposition to the provision. The IPA is also represented on a pilot task force challenging the single pilot cockpit.